Review of the Book Phases of Moon By Neha Jindal

Review of the Book Phases of Moon

 By Neha Jindal

The author has tried to portray her views of emotions from a very different perspective. The Yogic sages say that all the pain of a human life is caused by words, as is all the joy. We create words to define our experience and those words bring attendant emotions that jerk us around like dogs on a leash. We get seduced by our own mantras (I’m a failure… I’m lonely… I’m a failure… I’m lonely…) and we become monuments to them. Each poems develops a message which says To stop talking for a while, then, is to attempt to strip away the power of words, to stop choking ourselves with words, to liberate ourselves from our suffocating mantras.

The beautiful pictures amidst the poems also add to the theme of the Author’s Central Idea. We are sometimes astounded by the behaviour of emotional outlaws, as they act in line with their own standards, but proceed like bulls-in-a-china-shop, create one heck of a mess in their living environment and bring about shocking disturbing dissensions, ever since their inner construction clashes with our emotional architecture. 

The only thing, I felt, that could have been improved was the writing language and style. The poems looked lucid and very flat.

I would rate Phases of Moon 3.5 stars out of 5

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