Book Review of Undelivered letters by J.Alchem

Nothing is a masterpiece – a real masterpiece – till it’s about two hundred years old. A picture is like a tree or a church; you’ve got to let it grow into a masterpiece. Same with a poem or a new religion. They begin as a lot of funny words. Nobody knows whether they’re all nonsense or a gift from heaven. And the only people who think anything of them are a lot of cranks or crackpots, or poor devils who don’t know enough to know anything.  The author very beautifully used this reference to build up his plot revolving around letters and to relate the past with the present.

I really loved the emotions that were incorporated throughout the plot.  Each of the plot tried to precipitate out a beautiful message-Don’t bottle up your emotions and hide them from everyone around you. There is a reason that you have emotional reactions, they serve to tell you when something is wrong. So-called “bad” emotions such as anger and sadness cannot just be pushed aside and forgotten about. Emotions must be relieved somehow and if not consciously by you then they will relieve themselves in an unfavourable form. There is no reason that you should be dealing with an overpowering feeling of rage and sadness.  

I really loved the way the author had narrated, and on a personal note I would like to tell you that after reading the book, I discovered one indelible truth. I discovered that love wasn’t everything that mattered in life. It was an emotion that not many had the luxury of feeling without any pain attached to it. Many say that love will set you free, but I disagree. Love is a cage, a very painful one; its gilded bars made with yearning, heartache, and unfulfilled dreams. And the moment you will realize that love isn’t necessary to one’s survival you will became free. No one would have the power to hurt you again.

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