The world is beautiful, isn’t it?


Curled up into a ball painted with blotches of blue and green. Regarded as ‘black and white’ by many, while people like me – giddy with hope – dream of a knight in a shining armour escorting his one and only. While I lie on my bed, lost in a tangle of words, hastily cramming up my thoughts on a piece of paper, thinking of everything that’s right and wrong with this sphere of souls, I find myself overwhelmed by the beauty of strikingly hazy contradictions.

We have evolved, they say. From spears to guns. From meat to packaged meat. From animal skin to leather jackets. From carts and carriages to polo races and poultry. Obsessed with order, crazed with control, driven by ambition as survival instincts turn into a mad, bloody rat race where no one wins. A species born to battle the very apocalypse, we take pride in defying the laws of the land.


There, burn that patch of lush green trees down, to build a skyscraper – a terrace flat with a clear view of the constellations to view the star I booked online the other day, named after the missus. Reclaim the ocean, tame the sea. I want a mansion there, to feel closer to Mother Nature. The waves soothe the storms in my mind as it plots the path to ‘peaks’ of success. Soaring high, I bet. Higher than the melting snow caps, where I can de-stress, unabashedly splashing away in the crystal clear waters of the swimming pools while the tsunami howls with shame as the hungry farmer cries himself parched to sleep.


What’s wrong with the world, eh?


While I ask myself this, my conscience bleeds ink onto a notebook of recycled paper. My worries begin to wilt away with every little attempt I make to save a little patch of green. Snuggling remorsefully under a blanket in an air conditioned room while a storm of conviction whirls in my mind, I find myself at the threshold of the world I want to save, the place I call home. For now, I let the therapeutic melody of the ocean waves lull me to sleep, earphones plugged in as the home screen of my phone reads ‘6 hours relaxing beach music video’, my soul making the best of both worlds.





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