​COFFEE WITH ANUJ KUMAR- an interview session with anuj Kumar



Anuj Kumar is a budding author who dreams of making it big in the writing world. After completing his graduation, B.A. (H) English from Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, University of Delhi, he has devoted himself wholeheartedly to books, poetry, reading and publishing.

Anuj loves writing poetry and short stories and his writing has garnered a lot of praise from the readers. His favourite poetry comes from the houses of legendry poets, John Milton, Thomas Gray, Alexander Pope, William Wordsworth and the like.

Sayan: From being an aspiring author till establishing the foundation stone of KALAMOS          literary service, tell us something about your journey?

Anuj: Journey… Whoa… That was really awesome. From nothing to someone, my journey taught me how to work and whom to trust and how to move on. Faced a lot hurdles but I had to clear them to rise up.

Sayan: Tell us something about your first book. What was the inspiration or instinct that made you write the script?

Anuj: Inspiration??? My girlfriend got married to someone else so to release the frustration I started working on Love and Other Enchantments. Hahahaha… just kidding. I wanted to write romance and something different from common mushy romance books. So I chose the opposite of it.

Sayan: A lot of people these days argue about the fact that self publishing is just a waste of money. What is your approach to this motion as a publisher?

Anuj: No investment is bad if done on a right thing. Self publishing is for those who got money, time and strategies to promote their book. Traditional publishing takes time so in hurry authors go for self publishing.

Sayan: Your books ‘LOVE AND OTHER ENCHANMENTS’ or ‘THE GARDEN OF LOVE’ was quite popular. Do you like to write on love and romantic genres?

Anuj: It is not like that. I just heard somewhere that romance is the most famous genre so I planned to start with the easy thing first. My next book’s genre is very different from this one. My favourite genre is fantasy.

Sayan: Tell us some common traps for aspiring writers.

Anuj: They get easily trapped in traps of agents. With zero knowledge they start their career and by the time they understand the whole situations they are doomed. So they need to remove the crown of desperateness from their head first.

Sayan: It seems you love poetry as well. So, between poem and stories, which do you think is more interesting and has a charm associated with it?

Anuj: Obviously it is poetry. It’s beautiful, soothing, mysterious and amazing at the same time. Poetry gives you a royal feel. That’s why we say, not every writer is a poet.

Sayan: Tell us something about your hobbies?

Anuj: Well now I got only one hobby after books and work, Football.

Sayan: How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

Anuj: It changed the writer inside me drastically. From the very first review I got it that I can’t stay like this. I need to work harder to improve, to write better and better. I need to get maturity in my thoughts. Else I won’t be able to stay in this market.

Sayan: Have you ever gone through a writersblock? How do you cope up with it?

Anuj: Yes, and trust me that was a very bad phase. The only thing I did was I didn’t stop writing. I was writing crap those days but with time and efforts I got my ink back.

Sayan: Lastly, a reflective one-if you had to do something differently as a child or teenager to become a writer as an adult, what would you do?

Anuj: Before starting Kalamos Literary Services I was preparing for Masters in English Literature and later I would have joined a school or college as a teacher.

You can contact him at
Website https://www.facebook.com/anujkumarauthor/

Twitter anujkmr91




Sayan basak is a dreamer, narrator, writer, public speaker and also pursuing engineering from university of Calcutta (2nd year).

He loves to engage his time in blogging, travelling, watching movie’s and loves listening to music.

Moreover he loves typical animals a lot:-D

He had a monitor lizard as a pet for a week until his mother shouted at him:-)

His goal is to die with no major regrets. To apologize to those he have hurt and seek out those he loves. To travel and experience all that he can, whether that is te Louvre in Paris or eating unidentifiable things from a street vendor in Kolkata. His dream is to live unafraid and in so doing to lead others to that life.

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