Anjan Dutt strikes once more with his THE BONGS AGAIN


Anjan Dutta made a Sequel of his Previous Hit Film The Bong Connection. Total Star Cast was Changed and It is a Total Different Story from Previous One. In The Bong Connection, We Saw Raima Sen, Parambrata, Mir, Saswata and Others. In The Bongs Again, The Stars are Jishu Sengupta, Parno Mitra and Anjan Dutta Himself.

Cast: Parno Mittra, Neha Panda, Jisshu U Sengupta, Gaurav Chakraborty

Direction: Anjan Dutt

Genre: Drama

Duration: 2 hours 


10 years after `The Bong Connection`, `The Bongs Again` is a journey of two girls. Sara, a young girl in her 20s comes to Kolkata from the UK to look for her biological mother. Oli is another young girl in her 20s who goes to London from Calcutta in search of her father who had left her and the family. The film takes us through their journey, the connections they make and the pursuit of finding their blood relations. The Bongs Again is fun-filled, but with insights which change the way we perceive life. Through this journey the film depicts today`s cosmo Calcuttans and NRI Bengalis, their lifestyle, thinking and approach towards life. 

Two damsels, Olipriya (Parno) and Sarah (Neha), are in desperate distress in foreign lands: one in the UK in search of her father and the other in Kolkata in pursuit of her mother. The Bongs Again (TBA) is about their journey.  Bengalis have a thing for their roots. Stories have been written and films have been made about the pursuit of one’s origin. Any drama that delves into this search has always been a winner for the Bengali audience. TBA has the search in abundance. Only, it is a tad too mellow to keep the audience awake.  One might want to make a deliberate attempt to keep The Bong Connection (TBC) aside before watching the film. However, comparisons become inevitable primarily for two reasons: firstly, because the title harks back to the earlier film, and secondly, due to the constant effort by the makers to project it as a sequel. In reality, however, the second chapter of the Bong’s deeds is far removed from the sheen and shine of The Bong Connection. TBA lacks the wit and humour that make TBC a true joyride.  The essential charm of any Anjan Dutt film is its smartness.

 TBA, too, is smart. It has some beautiful shots, especially during Oli’s journey to Kent. But the film lacks a cohesive storyline and has quite a few glaring logical disruptions. To start with, Oli goes to London to find her dad who deserted her and her mother ages ago. Her dad, we are given to understand, taught at the University of London. In all probability, any person, dead or alive, who lectured for even one session in a UK institution should have a record in the university and that record should be easily accessible to the public. The film doesn’t, for once, elucidate why those public records couldn’t provide Oli with some leads. Also, in some cases, the chronology does not add up at all.

Music Review of the Bongs Again

There was a Newly Made Pagla Hawa by Neel Dutta. In this Movie Neel Re-Create ‘Hrid Majhare Rakhbo’. Anjan Dutta sings brilliantly the Hundred Mile Songs. Picturization of the Songs makes it more beautiful.

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