​The title is very cleverly crafted. We learn Engineering just to get a job and live a life with a happy ending. But do we ever think that our life also needs some touch of Engineering?  Life is not about getting a degree, it’s about applying them. Life is a place where we all should apply engineering skills irrespective of whether we have an engineering degree or not.

Aditya Goel has used both ENGLISH AND HINDI to express himself in this mind blowing motivational journey. And the reason being very lucid.” Kyunki Engilsh likhne/padhne me asaan hai or Hindi Samajhne me… haina? Specially written for Indian Youth…”

There are incidents which are portrayed as examples throughout the book. Each and every incidents deliver beautiful small messages which will change your life, may be a bit; BUT IT WILL DEFINITELY CHANGE.

A book which will answer all your questions. A book which will motivate you to move ahead in life. A book which will transform your life.

Order your book today at and BE THE ENGINEER OF YOUR LIFE.

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