A first look of ‘ONE LAST TIME’ by Anubhav Shrivastava and Shreehari H 

​Nakul is very popular amongst his teachers. He may be weak in academics’, but he leads his school’s basketball team. He is a much pampered kid. Starting from his grandmother to his parents, he is pampered by all. We get several examples of this reference in the beginning of the story.

But everything begins to drift when Nakul meets Prakash. Prakash who hails from a small village in Madhya Pradesh is a son of a paddy farmer .So naturally; we can assume the fact that there will be a contrast of characterization in-between them.

And in the midst of this, another person comes up. Akanksha who is Nakul’s classmate in school is equally famous as Nakul for her dancing skill. Once again a complete different trait comes up in the scene.

On one hand Prakash’s trait and on another with Akanksha’s charming yet competitive spirit, what can Nakul do to handle them?

From a pampered kid, will he finally grow up? Or what miracle happens that changes their life?

Let’s wait till the author reveals his plot

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