​BOOK REVIEW OF ADHIRA-Love: Lost & FoundBy Aditti Gaur

By Aditti Gaur

Paperback: 228 pages

Publisher: Authors Paradise Publications; 2nd  edition (2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9385783371

ISBN-13: 978-9385783371

“Sometimes we handle everyone but can’t cope up with ourselves, and get embroiled in things we wish to avoid.”  Everyone’s life has a turning point. For some, it changes the very core of who they are. Adhira had always been too good for a world that looked at her in a mixture of awe and exasperation. In the world of insecurities and loneliness, she strived to spread love. In the world focused on the self, she taught what it was to put others’ needs before one’s wants. One devastating piece of news shattered her perfect world, breaking down everything she had carefully built. Suddenly, there was so much to do and not enough time. The world around her crumbled, filled with betrayal and desertion. Will she ever be able to trust anyone again? Who could she trust? Why was she refusing to acknowledge the love that was presenting itself to her? Fierce warring between nursing the wounds of betrayal and opening herself to love again splits Adhira apart. Will she ever be able to love again? Come, travel with Adhira for a few turbulent chapters of her life, as she wades through love: lost and found.

“We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.”

The cover of the book explains a lot. The thought process which is revealed through the cover is brilliant. The entire atmosphere of snowfall, snow drenched mountains along with the little clouds which features their thought is very sweet. 

Before beginning with the story, I wondered why the title is named Adhira.

So, Adhira is a Hindu girl name which means Lightning to be precise. Lightning is a term which we usually associate with something drastic. Or maybe something which happens suddenly like an apocalypse.

Adhira is someone, who all her life, has put the dreams of others’ ahead of her own. She is strong and independent yet fragile somehow. She is a successful woman who has achieved great heights in her life all by herself. But still, she pulled her feet back when love bloomed in her life again instead of indulging into HIS life. So, I found the title fantastic and it appropriately suits the plot.

 We have a very emotional ride throughout the entire story as Riddhi, doctor cum friend of Adhira starts narrating the story. Adhira is suffering from a disease in which the bone marrow greatly decreases or stops the production of blood cells. So, you can understand, her life is at stake. The characterizations of each and every individual are perfectly timed making it more dramatic. 


This thriller is filled with question marks on each and every page. The plot, sub plots, characters’, screenplay everything is what we call ADHIRA or LIGHTNING.

Not only thriller, as we know Adhira to be. It has tinges of Romanticism too.

 If I quote, “Adhira held Shekhar’s waist tightly and he felt trembling. Shekhar pulled her closer.

That was the first kiss of their love story…Till date.”

I loved the way the plot ended. 
Everything was the same, still new totally. But the only difference was RIDDHI MEHRA HAD BECOME RIDHHI SIDHARTH MALHOTRA.
If I add a bit more, the book concludes with a glimpse from the second part.


Which definitely leaves a question for the readers -what will happen to Adhira?
Life is not ONLY based on ups or downs. It’s a mixture of both.

So what does that signifies?

Remember, I began the review with a quote?

Life is all about love and friendship. If these two emotions are entangled in one’s life, every single relation will bloom. This novel beautifully depicts these emotions hand in hand and bound you till the very end with inducing a strong sense of love and friendship within you. The protagonist portrays every single girl out there who is determined, strong and soft at heart as well.

 Kudos to ADITTI GAUR.


Overall I would like to rate the book 42 on a scale of 50.

4 stars out of 5

Originality of the plot and sub pots- 9/10

Net emotions in the story- 8.5/10

Usage of words and phrases-7.5/10

The title, cover and the illustration-9/10

The net impact on the readers- 8/10
Overall the plot is like a film where every page moves like a slide, in front our eyes. Every page will make you to read the next.


“Everything of value that we will know in this life comes from our relationships with those around us. Because there is nothing material that measures against the intangibles of love and friendship.”

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