​Book Review of ‘One Indian Girl’

Name of Book: One Indian Girl

Writer: Chetan Bhagat

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Published on: 1 Oct 2016

Genre: Literature & Fiction



About the writer:


Chetan Bhagat is one of the bestselling writers of India and has eight bestselling books to his credit and many of them were being adapted into Successful Bollywood movies.  He is generally known for his easy and attractive format of writing.

Bhagat quit his International Banking career to become a full-time writer in 2009. He is also a Motivational Speaker, Columnist and Screenwriter.

Just a note:-


Chetan Bhagat announced his latest book One Indian Girl via tweeting it. He also shared the official teaser which you can watch. One Indian Girl is the Ninth book of the author. His previous book Half Girlfriend is very well received by his readers and soon releasing as a movie.


Unlike his previous books, Bhagat chose a female protagonist and written the story in female first person. A girl who is well educated, Intelligent and successful in his life. Unlike other girls, she has an opinion on everything.

Chetan Bhagat is trying to see the world from the other side of the spectrum. And that brings us to ONE INDAN GIRL- Radhika Mehta, a young and successful banker, who tells us why her life is going down the hill.  

Hi, I’m Radhika Mehta and I’m getting married this week.

I work at Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. Thank you for reading my story. However, let me warn you. You may not like much.

One, I make a lot of money.

Two, I have an opinion on everything.

Three, I have had a boyfriend before. OK, maybe two.

Now if I were a guy, you’d be cool with it. Since I am a girl, these things don’t make me likeable, do they?

The Story starts with the wedding scene of Radhika Mehta. It’s the first destination wedding in Mehta’s family. Everywhere is a pleasant chaos of the wedding preparations and relatives. Goa Marriott is the hotel where both families are planned to stay.


But in the last minute, Goa’s CM came in the hotel for an event due to which Hotel staff reduced the no. of rooms booked by the Mehta’s. And then the pleasant chaos converts into a horrible mess.

Radhika suggested relocation for the boy’s side but her father and relatives denied. And the logic behind denial is that “You can’t ask boy’s side to adjust because they are The Boy’s side.”


That is the base of the novel. A tinge of the stereotypic pink colour revolves around the blue. A glimpse of reality along with the theme of ‘Boys shouldn’t adjust or do anything, IT’S THE GIRL WHO SHOULD, no matter what terms and conditions are applicable’.
Radhika Mehta is educated, intelligent and ambitious. She is a topper of sorts and after her MBA degree from IIM; she lands herself a job as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. She heads to New York, to start her professional life, much to her parents’ dislike, who is more than keen to see her married at 21. New York is an all new world for Radhika. She lives her life and accomplishes on the professional front, earning a bonus her father seldom saw in his entire banking career. Her mother though doesn’t appreciate it and the pressure to “settle” down into matrimony is mounted upon her. Fighting away the stereotypes, Radhika, does well professionally, has a string of relationships that makes her move base, from New York, to Hong Kong and then to London. It teaches her life’s important lessons and gives her an insight into what she wants and who she exactly is.

She eventually decides to settle down into an arranged marriage, when the unforeseen happens. Her ex-es land up at her marriage venue. Radhika’s mind is in the biggest of turmoil’s. With her wedding just 24 hours away, she has her present and past all in one place. Who would she choose and why? What exactly is in the mind of this one Indian girl? Read the book to understand this as Chetan touches that one raw nerve- feminism.

The book highlights a Feminist perspective, her struggles through the society and personal life, The book gives a major blow to the conservative and conventional patriarchal Indian society where women are underrated. The book begins with Radhika the protagonist who is an investment banker and opinionated an Indian woman who is getting married to Brijesh & the main story then shifts to two other International cities where the story thickens. The signature humour and sarcasm of the author is evident throughout the story especially through the “Inner voice ” and the plot development is gripping compared to the former novel , Although the Physical intimacy explained between the characters have heightened to an erotic level which maybe necessary to convey the feelings of the protagonist or not . (depends on the reader) some of the major drawbacks i felt while reading are the HI-Fi lifestyle that the protagonist goes through which may feel extravagant to an ordinary Indian reader ( & not being judgemental) ,and also the various episodes of the protagonist’s love life seem like the screenplay of an English series . Overall the book is Quite worth a onetime read and the author has exceptionally wrote from a female point of view but in order to make the female lead stand out from the default standards, the author has tried to use alcohol in multiple occasions just so the Female Indian can stand up to the male and has even used pot to validate the point, This may trigger a misconception in the minds of our female youth as drug induce is a proud method establish gender Equality.

Really? Is that so? But in India, it’s like our traditions to expect adjustment from females. In this book, the author tried to make you understand the female point of view.

As the author says that woman are mysterious and no one can actually understand what they really think. He added that “I have wanted to write a book in female first person for the past several years. Not only that, I wanted that book to be about women and deal with feminism.”
I loved the section where Radhika confronts both Debu and Neel. She tells Debu that it is easy for anybody to say that they support feminism, but they are not actually different from the mass when it comes to reality; they also want to clip women’s wings hits the right chords.

The whole metaphor of why women can’t choose to fly high as well as create a nest was hard hitting. I even liked the idea of why the working hours even in today’s world are suited for men and not for married women with children.
The author tried a new thing this time. Chetan Bhagat came in a female version through this book which is definitely fun to read.

Like his previous books, this book also consists a strong message to the society. I think Chetan Bhagat is doing his bit for the society along with entertainment. One Indian Girl is a story which is based on feminism and the pathetic attitude of people towards females.
I would like to rate the book 46/50.

On a further note,

The plot, idea and the concept -9.5/10.

The net emotions which was brought about the concept- 9/10.

Usage of words and phrases-9/10.

Story writing, screenplay and charectarization-9/10.

The net impact- 9.5/10.

Thank you so much for going through the review(

GIVE A READ. You’ll love it.

Reviewed by-

Sayan basak

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