‘Akira’ trailer: Sonakshi Sinha is all kinds of badass

​Sonakshi is hopeful that ‘Akira’ will give rise to more action heroines in Bollywood.

Sonakshi Sinha’s last film was Tevar that released over one and a half years ago. Now, the actress launched the trailer of her upcoming flick Akira in front of a live college crowd in Mumbai on Monday.
The action packed trailer has some brilliant moments where Sonakshi can be seen single-handedly fighting all the men in the house. Powerful and gritty, the trailer establishes her as an action heroine.

Sonakshi smiles, “I hope people like what I have done because I have injured myself so much while training in action.”

She believes that Akira will bring about a progressive change in Bollywood as well. “This will be the first time a mainstream film with a heroine doing action in it is being made. I am hoping that more and more films will be made now. I was really excited because I was getting to do action for both my films Akira and Force 2. But definitely, this should bring about more action heroines now.”
Akira is an action drama film directed by A.R. Murugadoss. It’s plot revolves around a girl from Jodhpur who comes to Mumbai for higher studies and gets involved in a fight with college seniors.

One thing leads to another in a series of events but Akira doesn’t give up. She spares no one and fights all those who come in her way even when her family and friends also don’t stand by her.
Anurag Kashyap can be seen in the character of a corrupt police officer who has issues with Akira, while Konkona Sensharma portrays a lady police constable.

 immediate next after Akira will be Force 2 which will again be replete with action packed sequences. How different will that be from Akira? “Oh, it’s absolutely different. Akira and Force 2 have very different setting and background. Akira is more raw action, hand to hand combat and mixed martial arts. Force 2 has a lot of chase sequences so it is more stylised and it will involve a lot more technology. But that is also great fun,” she adds.
The movie will hit the theatres on September 2 this year.

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