Accidental pregnancy-a fiction

​Devon sat at the bar as a mass of bodies danced on the dance floor. He drank some whiskey.

Brynn worked the counter, getting hit on by the guys.
Devon grinned at her. “When does your shift end?”
“Not before your bedtime ” she remarked. Used to questions like that.
Devon smiled ” I wouldn’t sleep with you around, but seriously …dance with me”
“Can’t, this is my job, not my free time” she smiled at him. “Thanks anyway ”
Devon nodded “I’ll wait”
“Really…alright fine ….one dance. Then I go back to work” she insisted.
Devon grinned. “You won’t regret it”
Brynn walked out from behind the counter to dance with him.
Devon held her close as the up beat song pounded. He moved his hips against hers.
Brynn danced with him.
Devon kissed her neck and slid his hand down to her butt as the song got sensual.
“And that’s that” Brynn backed away.
Devon let her go. “Eat dinner with me tonight”
“I can’t, I’m sorry” she went back behind the counter.
“I have a job opening..I need a cook…my brother married the last one…come work for me” he blurted.
“I like my job” Brynn said. 
Devon smiled. “it pays a lot more…And we feed and house you”
“Do you?” She said, doubting him.
Devon nodded and leaned close, over the counter. “i’m a billionaire..” he whispered and smiled.
Brynn looked at him. “you’re also drunk…and i don’t listen to the ramblings of drunk men”
Devon frowned. “fine…Here is my card” he handed her his business card and left.
Brynn took it.
Devon went home and slept.
Brynn kept the card and came to visit a couple of days later. “you offered, I’m considering” 
Devon smiled and led her to his office. “that’s good”
Brynn nodded.
Devon sat in his office chair. “please take the job”
“Okay” she agreed.
Devon grinned and jumped up. “great!”
Brynn nodded.
Devon kissed her.
Brynn jumped back. “That included?” she liked him a lot.
Devon rubbed her neck. “sorry…I…it is if you want it to be”
“good” she smile. She was a hard woman to figure out sometimes.
Devon grinned and kissed her again.
Brynn kissed back.
Devon deepened the kiss and cupped her butt.
Brynn backed away. “not so fast…i’m not that easy” she smiled.
Devon groaned. “i never said you were”
Brynn smiled.
Devon kissed her one last time.
Brynn kissed back.
Devon stroked her back. “want me to show you to your room? then i can get your luggage?”
Brynn nodded. “sure”
Devon grinned and showed her the the room above the kitchen.
Brynn moved in quickly since she didn’t have much.
Devon smiled. “i’ll leave you to start cooking dinner” he went back to his office.
Brynn rifled through the kitchen till she found what she wanted. She made apple-glaze chicken breast and mixed vegetables.
Devon and Ryan came down to eat. “my brother and his wife are holed up in their room” he grinned.
“i see, i’ll make sure some gets left for them” Brynn plated it up.
Devon grinned “sit and with us”
Brynn nodded
Devon kissed her hand. While his brother was looking at the news paper.
Brynn at her dinner quietly.
Devon rubbed his leg against her.
Brynn blushed. 
Devon stood. “i’m retiring to my room…i hope you Sleep well tonight Brynn” he winked and walked off to his room.
Brynn nodded in response, finished chewing, and headed to her bedroom.
Devon stripped to his boxers in his room and lit candles.
Brynn snuck around to his bedroom.
Devon opened the door and smiled. “come on in”
Brynn blushed when she walked in, her other clothing still on.
Devon closed the door and kissed her
Brynn kisses back.
Devon slips his hands under her shirt. “want to shower first?”
Brynn nodded. “please…It’s been a while since I’ve had a cool shower…the bar’s apartment only had extremely cold or extremely hot”
Devon led her into the bathroom and helped her get naked.
Brynn blushed, she had scars from bar fights and stuff she had done as a child.
Devon kissed her. “you’re beautiful…” he started the shower and stripped his boxers off. his erection rose up 

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