My rain:-)

​In the darkness of my room, my eyelids slide open and I wonder if it is early in the morning. The seams of the house creek as the wind roars and whistles. It’s not early as I suspected. A storm is brewing. 

From his cozy spot nestled at my feet, Chester Pug looks at me sheepishly. I know how he hates relieving himself in the rain. I’ll be picking up dog feces from the kitchen floor if I don’t get him out before the sky lets loose. He scampers toward me licking my face as if he can read my thoughts. Ignoring him, I snuggle back under the blankets not liking the idea of having to go out in the cold, and yell at him to lay down. I know I’ll pay later for my decision. He curls in around my belly, dropping his head on the comforter defeated.The alarm clock glowing on the night stand tells me it is 8:32 a.m. It’s Saturday, and I’m grateful I don’t have to go anywhere. There is nothing worse than wet damp weather and curly hair. It’s a flat iron’s worse enemy, next to humidity. 
Buried in the blankets, I contemplate how I will spend this rainy day as if time is costly. Perhaps I’ll make some comfort food, soup, chili, mac and cheese? Or maybe I’ll actually write the next chapter of my book. Ugh. I can’t seem to pull that out of me. Video games? Yes, playing video games is a perfect rainy day time waster. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll be unproductive and brag about it to my co-workers on Monday. I’ll do nothing and hide behind the walls of my living room, curled up on my couch out of the rain. They’ll all scowl at me for wasting a day, and I’ll thank the rainy day for giving me some solitude.

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