Here,i send you this:-)

​To the guy who claims to love me,
Love isn’t just about the I love You’s and sweet mushy talks, love is also about time, respect and care. Love has a deeper meaning to it and when you claim to love me, you need to understand the essence as well. Here are things you should know and of course do, before you profess your love.

Respect me.

You need to respect me, not because I am a girl, but because I love you and so do you. Love doesn’t mean you can treat me as you please and I shall bear all of that. Love is to respect each other’s dignity and our own personal space. 
Give me your time.

If you want me, and if you want me so bad as you portray you do, you must be ready to give your time to me. You cannot text me when you please and not talk for days. Love isn’t me begging to you to talk to me. Love is the mututal need we both should have for each others presence.
I need your attention, and sometimes, I need all of it.

As demanding as it may sound, but when I need your attention, I need all of it. I will not always share my share of attention with anyone else. Love isn’t when I have to ask you to be with JUST me. Love is when you know that there are moments when I deserve to be your centre of attention.

Be concerned.

Be concerned not because it is your duty to be, be concerned because you love me. Be concerned because you care for me. Love isn’t asking me how am I out of compulsion. Love is knowing I am not okay without me having to tell you.
Just be you.

Lastly, don’t fake it just because I like it. You don’t have to love something just because I do. If you aren’t in favour of something, tell me; its better than doing it half heartedly. Love isn’t about our similarities. Love is about our differences that brought us together.
Love me because you genuinely love me. 
With love,

The girl Who genuinely loves you:-)

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