Do you too?

​Yet again, I woke up with your dream in my eyes and your name in my lips. It stuns me often how, I have lived without seeing you for years, feeling the warmth of your touch on my skin every night. Maybe, this is what love is all about. Living one moment for a lifetime.
I wonder, does the aroma of my essence still linger on in the dungeons of your desire? What do you do? Do you too hide behind your mask of pretence to feign ignorance? And once in a while, under the pale moonlight, do you too bring out our realm from the crevices of your memories, to savor them in isolation?
Do you still hum the tunes of our glee?

Do you still swallow the tears of our separation?

Do you still drench yourself in the deluge of our love?
Oh, tell me the truth but once! Do you too wake up with my dream in your eyes and my name in your lips?

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