Pani puri to puchka – Different names & variations of our favorite snack.:-)

“M​ain toh raste se ja raha tha, main toh bhel puri kha raha tha” , you know what is the best thing about this 90’s track, it depicts the typical Indian situation. We do not need a reason to hang out at the roadside bhel puri-waala or galgappe-waala. Whether it’s a sutta break while working in office, or waiting for friends at the momos-waala-bhaiya before tuitions, we just can’t resist the urge of digging into these not-so healthy, yet so-scrumptious roadside delights!

Can you imagine strolling through Park street in Kolkata without having the lip-smacking ‘puchkas/golgappe’ or walking through the crowded lanes of Mumbai without grabbing a Vada Pav? When it comes to street food, India is one proud nation where every state – every city has its own specialty. Our wide varieties of scrumptious, quick and cheap street food are known for giving hunger pangs.

So if your mouth has started watering already, we would advise you to hold on your taste buds, get something from the fridge (for time being) as our list will certainly set your tummy on a roll. So come with us as we intend to take you on a delicious journey beginning from the North to the South, and give you the ‘Zaayka’ of Real India.

‘Lakhanpur de Bhalle’, a spicy treat to kill the heat
Apart from dusty roads and numerous trucks waiting for their clearances there is something else that makes Lakhanpur – the entry point to the state of Jammu & Kashmir known among the masses – ‘Bhalle’. A fried snack made from pulses which are best served with shredded radish and green chutney.

Chhole Bhature, tummy-licious Punjabi cuisine

IInitially a street food rampant in the streets of Amritsar this luscious street food is now readily available almost everywhere in India. But if you wish to get the taste of real Punjab then take a trip through narrow colorful streets of Amritsar and order a plate of this bombastic combo of Chhole Bhature.

Aloo Tikki, crunchy roadside re-treat
If you always thought that this simple roadside feast was a gift of Delhi to rest of the country then this might be a bolt for you. Aaloo tikki is a delicacy of city of nawabs ’Lucknow’. Owing to its popularity every city has now made its own versions of this exotic cuisine. In Mumbai this is Ragda Pattice while in

Delhi it is often confused with aaloo chat.

Well famed for its wide range of non-vegetarian cuisines, Lucknow, offers a delight to the veggie lovers in the form of these small puffed mashed potatoes ‘Aaloo Tikki’ well served with spicy green peas curry and sweet – sour chutneys.

Litti Chokha, a dish that talks about simplicity
Litti Chokha is the Bihari version of Dal Batti of Rajasthan. What makes this dish unique from the rest is that, this love of Bihar is one of the traditional cuisines that can be eaten as breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.A spicy curry or chokha made from brinjal or mashed potato is served with Litti or bread made from grams.

Puchka, scrumptious little bombs

Puchka are the Bengali versions of Golgappe or Paani Puri. Whatever the name be, but there is certainly no better alternative to beat the heat than these little tangy-minty delights. We lost ourselves drooling while watching Kangana make these mouthwatering feasts in Queen as well.

The best Puchkas are the ones served on the roadsides. No matter how choosy one gets about food but when it comes to these spicy delights almost every day finds it difficult to resist themselves.

Though their names being different,they converge at a common point-blank DELICACY:-)

So..go ahead, crunch it.

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