Dear leaf diary:-)

​I am a leaf who was born on a huge beautiful mahogany tree, in kolkata, in North kolkata rather. There I had lots of friends.

Most of my friends are not mahogany trees but different types of trees like banana trees and beetle nut trees and more! The leaves on all these trees were all friendly to me but as I grew up, some of the trees’ owners took their plants away to new places and sold them.

In a few years, all of my friends were gone except for my best friend, the leaf from an mango tree named ‘’frooti”.

 The mango tree and I were never separated since our owners were best friends. Sadly, one day, the owner of frooti had a huge fight with my owner, Ms. Roy. So my best friend’s owner went to another country and I never saw my buddy again.

Now, I’ll talk more about me! I was born in the season spring where the flowers were blooming and everything was perfect. If you add on my story in the first paragraph, you’ll see what really happened in spring. So okay, everything wasn’t really perfect but at least now I knew which direction my future was headed.

So now it is summer, where it is so sunny and hot. Now I know that plants need sun and water and in summer there is a lot of sunshine, but this summer at least as I think, there is too much sun. And if you don’t know, if plants get too much sunshine they could die! And I don’t want to die so early! I know that owners should give you water like every day, but its summer and in summer, people have vacations. So they give their plants to their neighbors. Luckily, my owner’s neighbor has a huge garden and she has lots of trees and plants in there. As I was growing on a mahogany plant in a big rectangular container, my owner just took my container and kept me in my owner’s neighbor’s garden. Sometimes, especially during sunny summers, I wish that I was an indoor plant and could stay in the comforts of an air conditioned home. But then, I am not an indoor plant and I have therefore, never been in any indoor garden, EVER. The neighbor lady is very, very nice but her trees and plants are being very, very mean to me and my family. Finally, after a week, my owner, my nice, nice, nice owner is back.

Its autumn! YAY! I am saying yay because I am going to turn red or orange or yellow! . My older brothers and sisters already have their colors, most of them have a red colored leaf, but some of them have an orange or yellow colored leaf. So I am kind of worried that I am not going to have a red colored leaf but I am still hoping. Today it is really cold and I have never felt so cold. Yay! I see some red dots on me, so I will turn red!!

Unfortunately, my owner is sick and the doctor said that she might be sick for a long time. Another bad thing happened! most of my brothers and sisters fell of my tree and now they are on the path, getting stepped on, some of them even died. Oh no! I think I am falling, I am thinking it is the end of my life but I suddenly stop. I open my eyes and see a little girl picked me up. I am so happy, but I am still a bit sad since I didn’t even get to say goodbye to my huge, beautiful mahogany tree.

It is winter. The little girl who picked me up, put me in a huge room. That room was huge, but in human size, I think it is just a little paper box. I still think that I might die in a few days but I just wish I don’t. One day, I am sleeping and I hear fireworks, and people saying Happy New Year! So I infer it is New Year’s Day! I can’t believe that I lived for a whole year! I also now have kids! Finally I am a huge tree like my old one with lots of kids. Unfortunately, in a few days after New Year, I die. Bye bye kids! Is all that is to say before I die.

Bye Bye.

Illustrated to you by amibideshini:-)

An attempt to show respect to nature:-)

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