Best 5 bars of the ‘city of joy’:-)

​A buzzing, thriving city, Kolkata offers visitors an abundance of things to see and do, from extraordinary temples and architecture to admire, to wonderful restaurants which showcase the area’s culture and cuisine. As the sun sets, the city ups its game featuring numerous bars, clubs and lounges perfect for getting the evening going. Here we explore the best bars that Kolkata has to offer.

Amibideshini takes a tour to present you the best 5 bars of the city of joy:-)


Olypub needs no introduction to local Kolkattans. The bar is extremely pocket friendly, meaning it is incredibly popular among students and young people, and is filled with a vibrant, cheerful atmosphere. Simple and minimal, Olypub is the perfect spot to hang out with friends after a studious night while enjoying a perfectly mixed drink or refreshing beer over some bar snacks.

2.Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is one of the oldest bars on Park Street. With its red brick semi-circular entrance, Moulin Rouge catches the eye all too easily. The bar has a very classy and graceful atmosphere, emphasised by the dim lights and regular live music sessions which recreate a vintage scene from

Kolkata‘s older days. The drinks match the elegant vibe, with wine and cocktails on offer, and there is also a bar menu filled with dishes for the more peckish.


A bar for music lovers, Bakstage does its theme proud. The décor is entirely

music related, with vinyl discs adorning the walls and iconic pop stars printed on the seat covers. The bar also has an enormous song collection which is chosen and curated by their customers, making it truly a bar of the people. Bakstage is usually crowded, attesting to its immense popularity, and is the perfect place to grab a few drinks while listening to Jim Morrison and the Smiths

4.Blue & Beyond

Located in the heart of Kolkata, Blue & Beyond is a roof-top bar that gives a mesmerizing view of the Howrah Bridge, Kolkata’s iconic landmark. Living up to its name, Blue & Beyond is themed blue and white, from the lights to the walls. Simple and elegant in its décor, the blue effect creates a sense of calmness, perfect for relaxing in with a drink in hand.


Nostradamus is one of the classiest bars in Kolkata’s buzzing Park Street. With a chic black and red décor, the atmosphere is always vibrant and bustling while remaining sophisticated. The bar draws enormous crowds thanks to its tempting happy hour offers and talented bartenders who can create exquisite cocktail mixtures. Nostradamus is the place to go for a quiet evening, good selection of music and wonderful mix of drinks.

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