Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji- the tallest plunge waterfall in India

​The photogenic beauty; the fifth largest waterfall in the Indian subcontinent!

Doted as one of the most photogenic falls in the beautiful country of India, however not very well-known, the Nohkalikai falls is located in the state of Meghalaya in the East Khasi hill range. The waterfall is indeed one of the top offbeat destinations of India. This waterfall is located very near to, at a distance of about 5 kilometers, Cherrapunji, one of the wettest places on the planet and is usually fed by the rain water collected on its summit at a small plateau region. The falls is indeed a photographer’s delight due to the fact that it creates a large plunge pool at the bottom which is unusually green in color as well!

The legend and the name of Nohkalikai

The name Nohkalikai comes from a legend of Ka- Likai, where Ka means female gender in the khasi lingo and Likai was a name of a woman who committed suicide by jumping off the falls after the sad demise of her child, thus the name came from Noh (meaning jump)-Ka- Likai which put together became Nohkalikai in today’s date.

Reasons to visit the Nohkalikai falls and things to do

In case one is in mind to visit the lovely place of Cherrapunji, one of the places one surely should not miss is the less known Nohkalikai falls which is a great place to visit for both nature lovers as well as adventure seekers alike.

Things to do in Nohkalikai falls-


If stunts and adventure is what you seek in a trip, then this place is just the one for you indeed. Filled with risks and awesome views, Nohkalikai offers trekking options as well as rock climbing both of which are pretty risky and nerve wrecking at the same time.


In case one is in love with photography, the wish will be granted. With a very minimal charge, cameras are allowed in the region where one can take lovely pictures of nature spreading its arm in delight.

Nature lovers paradise

Apart from anything else we all love nature! Here the various types of birds, trees, rocks and the fall itself is so beautiful that your eyes would not agree to close anytime.

The best time to visit the Nohkalikai falls

The best time to visit this lovely plunge fall is without a speck of doubt in the autumn season when the sky is clear and the weather is inviting. The months to be are September and October when taking snaps are easy, devoid of fog and cloud to block the views.

Nohkalikai- How to reach and the lodging options

Even though there is no certain lodging option available close to the Nohkalikai region, Cherrapunji is the place to reside as it is the closest from this nature’s wonder. There are various hotels which are located at the heart of Cherrapunji where one can keep the baggage and go in for a trip to this majestic fall by local transport, cars, buses and et al, options are in-numerous!


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