my droplets of dream:-)

Soon, it began sprinkling. Little droplets of water drenched her hair, skin, and dress. The water droplets began growing larger and falling frequently. The light ‘pitter patter’ of rain turned into wet thuds as the icy water raced to meet the ground. The sprinkling turned into a torrential downpour. The coldness seeped through her gauzy gown and chilled her skin. Truffle’s hooves were sloshing through the thick, slushy mud. The clouds grew darker and darker. A flash of lightning spooked the horse. Sapphira held Truffle’s neck firmly and whispered words of comfort. The bone-chilling cold seemed unbearable in the howling wind and icy rain. The sound of thunder rolled through the area as another lightning bolt split the sky.


One Reply to “my droplets of dream:-)”

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