the adventure begins:-)

​The grey mist settles on the freshly cut lawn of the old manor house, dampening it slightly. Wind howls, rattling the wrought iron gate at the end of the overgrown, gravel driveway.the weather seems to take a dip into the coffee.the atmosphere is all set…

The gate creaks eerily and slowly swings open, inviting you in. You hesitantly step through the gate and take a few tentative steps. Approaching the worn front door you are overwhelmed by anxiety and a sudden burst of fear races throughout your body. You don’t know where you are, why you’re here or who else is here but the anticipation heightens your excitement.your heart beat goes climbing up.pulse rate goes gushing past .

In the midst of your fear and anxiety you decide to turn away from the manor house and decide to explore the grounds instead. In the distance a gnarled oak tree looms, casting twisted, ominous shadows. The air is cold and quiet as you wander towards a swampy looking pond.

You were taken aback.

A loud throaty croak startles you, breaking the silence. The source of the noise, a large speckled frog hops towards you. You sidestep the frog, and make your way deeper into the mysterious and alluring garden. The foliage becomes thicker and the light dimmer, but you keep exploring.everything seems to be covered with a blanket of gloominess.

Eventually you come to a mossy clearing on the bank of a bubbling brook. Discarded on the rocks near the trickling water is a book, pages spread wide open like the wings of a majestic bird.

Hold on….

“This seems so thrilling”, you said.

You bend down and gently lift the book, reading the final words on the page. Slowly you close the book, place it back down and drink in your surroundings. Within an instant you are transported back to reality, looking down at your lap you see the closed book, remembering who you are and why your here.

This adventure is over but you can always open the book…

So..begin by boarding the flight:-)

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